Community development project, Nandi Hills, Kenya 

An initiative in the Rift Valley region of Kenya has introduced Consciousness-based Education to faculty, staff and students at rural schools.Student outcomes have included higher grades, increased focus and comprehension, cooperation, better behavior and fewer infractions.
Over 500 students at several schools have participated in the program and three local teachers have been trained as experts in Consciousness-based Education. The program has been expanded to adult education and a secondary school is currently planned.Faculty and community leaders have expressed profound appreciation for the success of the initiative
KenyaStudents20 KenyaStudents1 KenyaStudents2Above: Over 500 students in area schools have learned the Transcendental Meditation technique and practice it as part of the school day.

Above: Regional conference on Consciousness-based Education


Above: Over 50 girls from Nandi Hills are attending the Maharishi School in Mbale, Uganda on full scholarship for tuition, room, and board


Above: Over 100 adults participate in the development program.


Community Center project 

A large community center is being constructed at the Liberty School in Nandi Hills. This will provide space for adult education, cultural festivals and celebrations and become a focal point for community activities and development in the region.
A new bridge has been built to connect the two sides of the valley together.
KenyaBridge Kenya-Bridge2