Sustainable Agriculture to Feed the World


Creating a higher quality of life for Africa and the world through sustainable organic farming

InfoIn the coming century, Africa will feed the world from its vast unused lands with agricultural potential that have not yet been poisoned by pesticides and devastated by modern farm practices.

With training in the principles of sustainable agriculture and support for social development in administration, education, and healthcare, a new direction can be given to the continent that will ensure the production of healthful food for the large parts of the world and at the same time create greater balance and equity in the global economy—the basis of a more peaceful world family.

Seedling2We are planting the seeds now for large-scale farm projects that soon can be implemented on hundreds of thousands if not millions of hectares of unused land throughout Africa. This treasury of the continent should be unlocked to enrich the lives of the more than 600 million people living there—most in great poverty.

In this way, the reservoir of Nature’s abundance—available in the fertile land of the poor nations and in the creativity of the people—can be opened to produce greater affluence without waiting for foreign investment. We hope that the nation’s of Africa can quickly rise to their full potential to nourish the world family with healthful foods and provide a high level of affluence for their dear people in this generation and all to come.

Education in Organic Agriculture

Through our project partners we are promoting training in the principles of sustainable, organic farming.

Goals to enrich the life of everyone in our world family

Agriculture• Introduce principles and practices of organic farming to promote the production of healthful foods in a healthy environment.

• Create new employment opportunities at higher wages utilizing unused lands with agricultural potential.

• Create a stronger economy by growing and processing organic crops for export to the international market.

• Construct homes, schools, clinics and community facilities in rural areas that will be designed in harmony with Nature.

• Implement education programs—unfolding the inner genius of everyone of every age—as well as cost-effective, natural prevention-oriented healthcare programs.

• Implement practical programs to create cultural integrity, social harmony, national invincibility, and permanent peace in the world family.